Re: [Harp-L] Re: My Omni-bender

> I've said before that I think the XB is a legit
> instrument but an All-Bender with traditional size,
> sound and playability would capture lots more
> attention. 

There are a few "minor" difficulties to overcome :-)
I mean if you don't want to resize the whole
instrument including reeds for example. But I am sure
that a couple of harp manufacturers are experimenting
with this. Even if anybody has a solution, the end
product should have a good sound, has to be reliable
and has to be mass producable at reasonable costs.
Personally I think the XB40 has a few problems, but
can be made a very nice instrument. I also like the
size, it is very confortable. The sound is another
issue, I think one has to learn to get the best out of
it, also bending has to be re-learnt. A diatonic with
the same bending charachteristics as a standard harp,
would surely be more popular. But then again there is
the price issue. It is very hard to get that harp down
to the size of a diatonic, but I am sure some day
somebody will come out with a marketable 30 reed


The fish are biting. 
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