[Harp-L] Seydel at Buckeye

Hi All,

Please let me know if there are any Seydel products you would especially like me to bring to Buckeye. I will be at Buckeye again this year representing Seydel Harmonicas, and some of the things I plan to bring:

-the brand new handwired, all tube Hyperamp- designed and built specifically for harp! (awesome)
-the brand new Stainless Steel Reed 1847 harmonicas (keys of G, A, Bb, C now available) (incredible)
-the solist pro 12 hole (keys of LC, LA and LD, and solo tuned LC, C)
Assorted Chromatics, and standard-tuned and low-tuned diatonics.

If there is anything from Seydel you are specifically interested in seeing and/or buying please let me know.


Rupert Oysler

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