Re: [Harp-L] Soldering Reeds

-A skilled, experienced, careful craftsman will probably always be able to customize a harp to be better than an out-of-box product, even if that is handmade, especially if he is doing it for himself.

Rupert, my point exactly. A person wrote in to harp-l with questions regarding lowering the pitch of a harmonica because they wanted to build a low C harmonica. Along with some advice on how to go about this process the person also got the advice to just buy a low C Seydel. I believe the person advising the purchase was commenting regarding their experience with a low low Seydel. My response was regarding making a low A. I enjoyed the process and I like the result I achieved. I also offered my experience with an early production Seydel low low F. It is just so so. As you must remember I asked you about getting it worked on and you kindly sent me your address and said send it. I as usual haven't done a thing. I think my purchase was in the Michael Timmler era of Seydel and I'm relatively certain it pre-dated your formal association with the company. Although it might sound as if I'm complaining I'm not. I know how hard it is to make a low low F. Perhaps the problem with my initial post was I didn't separate what are basically responses to 2 topics? There's a certain irony here. The classic asking what time it is and then getting told how to build a watch. In this case someone actually asked how to build the watch and got told what time it is.

Now that you mention it I do remember solder on the reeds. Surprisingly small amounts considering the pitch drop. It was lazy of me to post from memory and I regret not actually taking the harmonica apart and looking. Thank you for posting the correct information.

Now you've done it. I'm thinking about trying to make my own low low F. Forget it. It's easier to just buy one from Seydel especially now that they have a US presence. I look forward to trying more of their current production and I'm thrilled that there is another viable alternative in the harmonica world for production harmonicas. Many of the new offerings have me quite intrigues. Stainless steel reeds, indeed. I wish Seydel nothing but success. fjm

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