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The Seydel LLF, and all the Superlows, have been hand done with adding solder, and some also do have windsavers (the lower they go, the more they have.) I'm checking to find out what kind of solder is used. It is possible that in the future Seydel will be able to produce Superlow harps with reeds that do not have added solder. Research and experiments are pointing that way (just as years of research and experimentation led to the new Stainless Steel harp). But at this point all the Superlows produced have been accomplished with solder.

fjm, in response to your LLF being "just ok":

-I believe yours is over a year old? Quality control has been steadily improving, and after my trip to Germany last fall, Seydel has even arranged with a customizer to be at the factory for one week of every month, spot checking current inventory, working individually with each of the staff, and generally contributing towards the company goal to build the very best harmonica on the planet. Current harmonicas are even better than what we were producing even a year ago.

-LLF is quite a bit down from the Low A (that you made yourself) you are comparing it to...many people have difficulty even going from a standard A to a standard G, or Low F. Each step down requires a lot of adjustment in the players resonance.

-A skilled, experienced, careful craftsman will probably always be able to customize a harp to be better than an out-of-box product, even if that is handmade, especially if he is doing it for himself.

Best wishes,

Rupert Oysler

fjm wrote:
If I recall correctly the low low F Seydel I have doesn't have any solder on the reeds. I did do some fine tuning of mine when I first got it. It does have windsavers. fjm
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