Re: [Harp-L] Wireless Volume Question/Issue

Bill Hines wrote:
> I have an AKG WMS40/SO40 and use that with an Audix Fireball V. 
> Question if anyone knows - when i go through the wireless to 
> either my sonny jr or the deluxe reverb, i have to crank the amp 
> volume way up to almost max. when i go in with the same mic 
> directly to the amp, volume of 2 or 3 is about the same loudness 
> as max through the wireless.  what gives? I don't think this was 
> the case before, something must have changed. I checked the volume 
> on the wirelss receiver (maxed), my mic (maxed), the gain on the 
> wireless transmitter (max), etc. only thing i can think is maybe 
> the receiver is picking this up as a lo-z signal now for some 
> reason? again I don't think this was going on last time I used
> the wireless. 
> The cord from the wireless receiver to the amp is a Soundflex by 
> VTG 20GA/1C instrument cable, 1/4" on both ends, into the 1/4" 
> unbalanced jack on the wireless. Could it be a lo-z cable or some 
> thing? I haven't tried other cables, so maybe that's it but I'm 
> doubtful. There's also a crack I noticed near one of the XLR pin 
> inputs on the SO40 transmitter, maybe this is causing a weak 
> signal?

I don't know specifically what's wrong, Bill, but I run all my 
adjustments in just about the opposite setting from you: my receiver 
output volume is MIN, my trasmitter gain is MIN, and the output from 
my wireless is about the same as it is cabling directly from the mic 
to the amplifier input.  You should set those volumes closer to 
their minimums or you're going to get all kinds of unwanted 
distortion and clipping.  

Of course, check the cable, replace it with another and see if the 
problem persists.  I don't know of any way to test the transmitter, 
but I'd be suspicious of that crack.  I guess it would be silly to 
ask if you've checked the battery...


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