[Harp-L] Transposing Audio Files to Sheet Music

I just had this conversation with a software company.  What do you think?


I asked the guy at Myriad [Myriad sells Melody
Assistant/Harmony Assistant]:


>I want to transpose audio files to sheet music in fake
book format with the lead

> instrument only transposed throughout the tune.  Can I do that,
and how?

He said:

I don't think you can do that, sorry.

More explanations on our "shared experience" section:



I later found this information:




It appears that programs are for sale that Myriad doesnʼt
believe can be made to function.


I know that it can be done with midi files.  My son does it all the time on his Guitar
Pro.  I know that Karaoke machines split
tracks.  I know that some of you are
already doing this by hand with a slow player and a Y connection leading from
your speaker output into your headphones in one direction, and chromatic tuner
input in the other direction.  I just
wanted to skip that step with the appropriate software.


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