Re: [Harp-L] King Biscuit Boy and tongue blockin'

YES!!     Yes!!!    yeS!!!! I haven't heard any King Biscuit Boy since  
probably 1979. Can anybody give me any history on Richard Newell, is he still  
alive and rippin'? His album Good Un's helped me learn. I played around with the  
album after that one, (it had "Hand Jive" on it using a chromatic I think,  
'least that's how I played it), but that one in the burlap bag helped me out big 
 time. I think maybe it was the first time I ever tongue blocked, which by  
the way I've been meaning to say something about. I keep seeing posts about  
using either tongue blocking or the pucker style and which one is best. Why not  
use both? That's what I do, whichever technique gets the job done easiest is 
the  one I use. I don't bend using the tongue block method 'cause it's so much 
easier  for me to bend with the pucker thing, but there are just some things 
that I play  on the harp that have to be tongue blocked. OOOhhh yea, I use the 
BiscuitBoy  name because it is steeped in so much tradition concerning the 
blues, but I am  in no way the King  
    Proudly......BiscuitBoy Blues
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Available as an import I was pleased to obtain a copy of this Richard  
Newell recording.  Backed by the Meters and produced by the  
extraordinarily talented Allen Toussaint I love this album for its  
groove. has 5 more copies.  Amazon has one and I  think 
there are one or 2 on Gemm.  Overstock's shipping and lowest  price make 
them the best deal.  I'd been looking for this recording  on Cd for a 
long time and I happily tripped over it sideways in a tangent  search.   fjm

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