Re: [Harp-L] I want to play chromatic like Stevie

On Jun 10, 2005, at 12:01 AM, Slim Heilpern wrote:

But Joe, can you pluck a chromatic like Stevie? ;-)

No Slim, I can get pretty close, but I don't consider it good enough. The word to use is "took" and must be done while applying (and pulling away) from the mouthpiece VERY quickly just as one would kiss a canary or poisonous snake. an abrupt fast amount of power is needed and to be quite honest, that's something I never really worked on a lot. Maybe I should have given it more time but I never felt it was that necessary a technique. Now that I see there's an interest, I guess I made a boo-boo. Wouldn't be the first.

Seriously, does anyone know how he does that?

- Slim.

Joe and Cass Leone wrote:
That's a shame. I play like Steveland Judkins. Maybe 'I' should start teaching.. :) smo-joe

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