[Harp-L] Harmonica Recordings for sale

Today I got this mail forwarded from Rob Janssen, including 2 documents with
the specifications of the material for sale. I think there is a lot of very
special stuff for sale.

If you?re interested, please DO NOT email ME, but email Rob Janssen at
fata-morgana @ planet.nl. He can also send you the specifications of all
material involved.

Jervis Groeneveld
(+31) 20 774 8657 (home)
Dear Harmonica friends,
John Bryan from the UK has been collecting harmonica recordings for over 50
He is now offering his collection for sale.
A total of 158 LP's, 48 EP's, 24 singles (45´s) and 168 pieces of 78-records
are offered.
These are all official recordings. The 224 CD's and around 200 Video's also
contain amateur
recordings and copies, and are therefore not sold, but offered free of
charge to the highest
bidder for the original recordings.
I have added two files, showing the available audio recordings.
Should you be seriously interested, please let me know.
Also please pass this message on to other harmonica friends.
Kind regards,
Rob Janssen

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