[Harp-L] Blues festival in Mont-Tremblant Quebec - Johnny Winter, John Mayall, etc.

If you're on the east coast or north east and you don't know what to do this summer, consider the Mont Tremblant Bues Festival 90 Minutes North of Montreal.

All shows are free, all you need to do is pay for your beer. Sponsors and the local hotels and condos pay for everything. They need the business in the summer, apparently room prices are reasonable. You can stay in the village (very upscale ski village) or in inns nearby or camp in the region. Nice area to visit.

I saw Jimmy Vaughan and Keb Mo and a few others last summer. For Keb Mo' there were about 1000 people watching. This is a great venue. You get free and small. Please do not tell others, this is a well kept secret.

The lineup this year includes: 

John Mayall 
Johnny Winter
Billy Branch
Kenny Neal
Little Charlie and the Nightcats (Rick Estrin)
Bryan Lee
Carol Moog
Jimmy Bowskill ( he's a young veteran.at age 15! )

Nico Wayne Toussaint (Cool guy from France, a bit gentle compared to some of our local animals, but very good)

Some of the Great locals
  - Guy Belanger
  - Jim Zeller   ===> IMO Best in one of the late bar shows after the main festival shows.
  - Carl Tremblay
  - Bob Harisson
  - etc.

" With so many talented harmonica players descending on the festival at the same time, there's no better opportunity for a summit of harmonica blues. Be prepared: there could be surprise guests! The word here is.hot! "

Here's the whole lineup, there are tons of international artists. Most of which I do not know.


If you have any questions about the festival or things to do in the area just contact me offlist.



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