Re: [Harp-L] feedback

bloozeharp wrote:
Well Bob, I hate to pop your bubble but one of these days you are going to be sitting around like me (at 56) not able to hear jack----.

Whadja say sonny? Thanks. But I've got no bubbles left to pop. I'm the nerd on my block who wears ear protection to mow the lawn and when I run any power tools. Truth be told, I very seldom play that loud. It just happened. New place, Strange band. Most often when I play out I wear ear plugs as well. And when I'm familiar with the guitar players I can be pretty cranky about turning down.

But thanks for the Ghost of Christmas future tour. I really do appreciate it. Don't play with Harleys or firearms. Just have a screaming wife and two kids. Wait. According to my wife I'm already deaf. Not totally. Apparently I've got selective hearing. :-)

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