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Well Bob, I hate to pop your bubble but one of these days you are going to be sitting around like me (at 56) not able to hear jack----. Sure there were other causes in the mix such as firearms and 2" drag pipes on my Harley's but the thing that really got the ears ringing the best were those nights on stage with the amps smoking. The doc says they make a hearing aid (around 5k) that will help some (did you know most health insurance does not cover hearing aids). I said "Huh-what did you say doc?".
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Chris Michalek wrote:
I'm running a really hot bassman with three 12ax7 preamp tube.  I can
get the amp beyond 6 without feedback,

It's great to be able to play loud when necessary. Funny you should say something like this. I played out the other night. The guitar players kept on turning up . . . well you all know this story, right? The next morning I took the cover off my Sonny Jr. II to make sure everything was all right (and because I just loving looking at it) and saw the volume knob between 8 and 9. Actually I'd never pushed it like that before. Not a squeal to be heard. The tone was great and the amp cut like a mother. The only problem was that my ears hurt for days. Guess I'll have to explain about dynamics to guitar players next time.

What is it about guitar players amps? The volume control starts at 6 and only seem to work in one direction. ;-)

however I did get extremely
high pitched squealing feedback from the wife but the rocktron works
great for that too if you throw it at her.  :-)

:-) That makes the rocktron a bargain at any price. Think I'll get me several. I've been married a long time. My wife's learned to duck.

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