[Harp-L] Stealing

I have to agree about the illegal copying of CDs being wrong. How are we
going to feel right about selling our CD's if we steal other's?? I have a
huge CD collection, being a DJ. I am always turning people down that want me
to burn them a compilation. It costs me $$ to take the high road, but it is
better than being a hypocrite.


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>> If by purchase you mean figure out your local library has an amazing
>> collection of blues, my favorite cd's are burned copies of the best of
>> Muddy Waters,
>> Buddy Guy's "Damn Right I Got the Blues", and other titles by John Lee
>> Hooker,
>> Albert Collins, B.B. King, Robert Cray, Eric Clapton, SBW II, R.L.
>> Burnside,
>> and a couple very nice compilation albums just to name a few.
> ---This is probably a troll, but it needs to be said that burning copies of
> CDs like this is stealing, plain and simple.And it is a particularly
> obnoxious thing to steal from artists like R.L. Burnside, who don't make
> much money.
> WVa Bob 

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