Re: GK vs et all

On Sat, 30 Jul 1994, Barry Schaede wrote:

> Mr. Lippe:  Were the slashed speakers the same impedance as the 
> originals?  A volume drop would be a sign of impedance mismatch.  The 
> resistor going could be just a coincidence or related.  Who Knows?  
> Remember whatever you do don't let the smoke out.  Resistors work on 
> smoke.  :)  ....and cease to function once the smoke gets out.  This 
> simple principle applies to all electric devices.  FJM
	Yup, all matched up impedance, 10 Ohms... actually... I remember 
the story now, it's pretty funny, odd I should forget it.  The speaker 
was being powered from a Sony "Boombox" type thing, I just unplugged the 
two 8" 10 Ohms that it normally drives, plugged in the single slashed 
speaker I had made, and turned on a little Mudhoney through the CD/Line in.  
The resistor popped, but at the same time, the tape eject stopped 
working.  I took it in for repair, and the slip came back with a very 
small charge, for the resistor, and some "foreign object".  Upon inquiry, 
I found out that the foreign object was a toothpick, which the said was 
fairly _common_ in Sony equipment.  I don't know what's going on over in 
the Sony plant, but I'll bet you they serve corn for lunch at least one 
day a week.  To make this post somewhat relevant to the Harp-L stuff, try 
recording yourself on your own home 
stero/4-track/boombox/taperecorder/whatever, it's incredible how much you 
can learn just by listening to yourself. :)  Even better is to mix your 
mics signal and some song.  A good and easy way to do this is to get a 
Y-cable, take the stereo output from your CD or tape player, use the 
Y-cable to put the output into only one channel on your tuner/reciever, and 
put your mic input into the other channel.  Use the balance knob to fade 
between the two.  Put on a nice pair of big headphones, and try to block 
out your un-amped harp as much as possible.  Good luck,, it's helping me 
with my rhythm muchos..

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