Re: Dick Gardner

When I got back I had a postcard from Dick Gardner and he stated
that he would not be able to meet me at the airport - but I 
already had found that out the hard way.

this next Monday I propose to call him and give him the 
information that you gave to me.  I will do it from 
here merely to assure that he will have the minimum amount
of hassle.

I'm tryng to figure out how to get the transition to UNIX 
and the VI and ELM and all that jazz exposed to him.

What I need is an on-site person to tutor him.

At the same time, I need to get to him some materials to allow him
to use the VI editor.  He wil need this before he can even download the 
book from somewhere in the Internet.  Of course, we could send him a book or       two or three.

That is how I see the situation at this time.  As I am in plant shutdown this week, I hope to have enough time to dealwith him directly.



Note:  Have 4 paid and two dickering on the Alaska Cruise.  I gootta work on      that also this weekend.

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