Re: GK vs et all

	My personal tastes are for a little old National, or maybe a 
tweed Champ.  I love small speakers and massive speaker distortion.  I 
bought a cart full of trashy 8" speakers from a local electronic surplus 
sore and experimented with cutting the cone.. ala the Kinks.  It sounded 
interesting, but somehow put more of a load on the curcuit driving it, I 
don't know why.  What I mean in these most amateur terms is that a 
resistor popped, and volume was far decreased.(Obviously because the 
speaker was cut, but that meant that I had to crank the volume up, which 
could be a problem with transformer "saturation")
	Heck, I borrowed a friends Fender Squire 15 and loved it.  
Playing through a Nalcad Green Bulletish thing, with the bass cranked all 
the way up, (feeds back at above 1/4 through 3/4), treble and mids all 
the way down...  man cannot live upon Bassmen(?) alone..
> For lead diatonic blues harmonica many 
> people swear by the Bassmans.  I don't I use a Fender Concert.  It too is 
> also a 4-10 configuration with a little bit more power and the best 
> sounding vibrato I've e ver heard.  My guess is that people are going for 
> that fat distorted Chicago sound and they hear other people playing 
> Bassmans and figure that's the way to do it.  FJM

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