Re: Sick of Bassmans? read this

What is the desire for playing harp over a Fender Bassman?
In addition to playing harmonicas, I also play Electric Bass.
Though the years, I have played on the silver face Fender
Bassman 10.  The sound of this amplifier is really nothing
special wheter for bass harmonica, blues harp, chromatic, chord
harmonica, or bass guitar.  However, I did own a Fender Bassman
Compact (until it was stolen at the university).  IMHO, the 50w
Compact had a much richer sound than the Bassman 10.  In addition,
the Bassman 10 is heavy.  It must weigh nearly 80 pounds.  

I have played on Peavey amplifiers and for the most part, they
leave me with no real desire to own any more.  I have owned the
Standard, Combo 260, TKO 150.  All of these amplifiers had 15"
black widow speakers.

I have played on a Rickenbacker TR120 which sports 120 watts
a 15" speaker and two switchable piezo electric tweeters.  This
amplifier is impressive for harp.  It has good punch over the whole
frequency spectrum.  In addition to its great sound, it is small
with rear top controls.  Also, it is dual power 120/240.  
BTW:  I have this amplifier for sale at $200.00.

I purchased my present rig when I was re-hired by Jerry Murad.
I am now playing on a Gallien Krueger 400RB with an Ampeg SVT-115
speaker enclosure.  For the bass instruments, it is superior to 
all other systems, except it is equal to the Walter Woods amps 
which are hand crafted in California.  Price wise they are
superior too.  The amplifier (w/o speaker) lists at $639 whereas
the Walter Woods single channel amplifier (w/o speaker) listes at
$995.  BTW:  I understand that Dick Gardner has two WW amps for
sale, a single channel, and a double channel.  Each amplifier
is 150w rms and weigh only 7 pounds.  I know these amplifiers well
as I played chord harmonica on the double channel when I was playing
chord harmonica with Jerry Murad in 1984/1985.  Anyone seriously
looking to buy a very good amplification system should consider one
of these.  For more information, contact Chris M. on Harp-L as he
probably has more up-to-date information on the prices.

Well, that is enough for now......

Keep On Harpin'

George Miklas

"Tap.....Tap.....Tap.....Is this thing on?"

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