Re: silver face bassman

On Fri, 29 Jul 1994, Steven D. Levine wrote:
> I recently saw an ad for a Silver face Bassman for $300.00 It's 50 watts, 
> I'm thinking of checking it out. How do the silver face Bassman amps 
> compare to the tweed ones?
	Well there are actually more than just silver and tweed...  the 
tweed faced bassman amps are the most difficult to find, and even a 
reissue should cost upwards of $1500 (I think).  Then there are non-combo 
units, that is, the head is seperate from the cabinet.  These are more 
flexible, and come in two varieties, silver and black-faced.  This refers 
to the color of the faceplate, and the corresponding change in some of 
Fenders amp curcuitry when they were bought by CBS.  Some amps didn't 
change at all, I think the deluxe reverb is one that stayed the same... 
some were altered quite a bit.. much to the chagrin of vintage Fender 
fans.  I have no idea why they were changed.  The Bassman is a great amp 
in any incarnation, and silver faced ones will be cheaper, a friend of 
mine bought a mint condition '68 head (black-faced) and 15" homemade speaker 
cab for $375, but another friend payed $250 for a semi shabby '68 
black-faced with the back-plate missing, and made a speaker cabinet, with 
recommendation from an incredible local amp producer, THD.  If you have 
$1000+ to spend, anyone out there, check out one of these amps.  The 
company basicly takes Fender looks and sound, and elevates them to new 
levels, with outstanding craftsmanship, superior materials and 
components, and incredible technical knowledge.  Well, that's about it..

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