> Where is Whitby Folk Festival being held?
> George
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> George Miklas
> "Tap.....Tap.....Tap.....Is this thing on?"

Hi George,

	  Whitby is a beautiful fishing town on the East Yorkshire Coast,
In England. (Yorkshire is God's own sweet country).

It takes place in *every* available pub, hall, club and any other venue
that can be pressed into service. 
We folkies take over the town for the week!

Accomodation is hard to come by unless you camp (a season ticket is needed
I THINK). Or unless like us, you book your accomodation whilst you are at
a festival, or you stay outside of the town and drive in. 
Parking spots are hard to come by too.
My wife, myself and a next door neighbour always rent the same cottage, 
booking it while we are there, or a week or two later.

Can you come? It would be great to meet you.

	Are you still having problems with the NET link?
I saw three or four "tap, tap, tap" messages, and reponded to the first three.
The last one had Chris's name on, so I left that one.


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