Harmonigopher and Jrs from a minor 3rd

John P. Giunta -

>Can you tell by my address 
>whether I can access it or not?

No -- it's a SW question.  I use Turbogopher for the Mac and go thru a
commercial gateway. There's ftp sites for this kind of shareware.  I
usually go to university of michigan for mac stuff (or the many mirrors) or
the ncsa sites. The new.users USENET groups usually cover this kind of
thing. Anything UNIX is Greek to me (if it isn't GUI, it doesn't stick...;)

Tim Moody/Chris Michalek -- It was *THE* Charlie Musselwhite, right?  8)  I
don't recall the *Jr* part either, and I usually pay attention to these
things :). Maybe you didn't mean *shy*, but that he was enjoying you guys
so much and didn't want to steal the show?  And Winslow sang which song ?? 
I'll take a wild guess and say 'Heartbreak Hotel' ????     

Regards,                  haandruss@xxxxxxx                  
Harv                      *Opinions my own*

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