Re: Concertinas, for a start!

This is a request to remove the user Jim Ryan from this mailing list.  He no longer works
at ISSC Chicago, but this mail is still coming for him.

His net id was:		ryan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Ron Stork
> Gordon Jackson wrote (in answer to my post)
> *** Stuff deleted
> > However, as the offending item was (in part) at least concerned with the
> > history of free reed instruments, and the harp was mentioned as well,
> > it seemed to me to be of interest to harpl-l.
> *** More stuff deleted
> Don't think I found the posting offending! I found it very interesting. My per-
> sonal opinion is that I would like to read more. When I wrote: "I don't know if
> harp-l is the right place." I meant that I really don't know. Not that I think 
> that it should not be posted. But I didn't want to state my personal opinion as 
> the list policy (if such a thing exists anyway.) Let that be determined by older
> and wiser people than me :-)
> Sorry for the misunderstanding
> Bart de Boer

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