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haandruss@xxxxxxx (Harvey A. Andruss, III) writes:
>>As far as a summary of the convention, maybe George, Jim, Chris,
>>and/or Winslow would care to do some of that (like I said, I was only
>>there for two days, or else I'd do it myself).
>C'mon, Chris  - tell us something.  Those guys must not be in yet.   Tap
>tap tap -- come in SPAH folk.  Anybody home??? What was the highlight? 

Well, here is the stuff I saw/did.

I got there on Wednesday morning.  Ran into George Miklas and talked
for a little bit, then went downstairs to a Classical Seminar that
Robert Bonfiglio was doing (btw, Robert pronounces his last name
Bone-FEE-lee-oh.  Well, something like that anyway).

I only caught the last 15 minutes of that one, but it was EXTREMELY
cool.  Robert played some between talking...he's incredible.  Really
nice stuff (played parts of some classical pieces...of course).

After that was over I talked to Winslow (Yerxa) and Chris (Michalek),
who were also at the seminar.  Oh yea, also met Joe Filisko there
(cool guy, and had a harp in his mouth pretty much the whole time
except when he was eating).

After that I just sort of hung around and browsed through Farrell's
store.  Bunch of good stuff there, everything was 40% off.  Gotta love

At lunch time, a large group of us (Chris M, Buzz, Bob Martin, Joe F,
Mark {can't remember his last name}, and myself) walked downtown to
eat lunch at B.B. King's.  Nice place.  Winslow and Robert B. met us
down there (Robert is VERY full of energy and he talks about a
mile-a-minute, and he barely slowed down to eat).

After that we went back to the Brownestone, where some people went to
a Tremolo seminar conducted by one of the Japanese (I believe he was
Japanese, but it might have been one of the Chinese guys) members.

I listened to a little of that while I was browsing Farrell's store

That night several people performed for us, and Buzz (a new Harp-Ler)
did a great job of MC-ing.  People who played...I can't remember
everyone's names so you'll have to forgive me.  Joe Filisko played. 
I'm sorry, I can't remember any other names (Chris, Winslow or Buzz
might remember).

Anyway, the last one to play was Robert B.  He did a few pieces. 
Really great stuff.  If you like classical music then you should
definitely hear him play!

Oh, Charlie Musselwhite came by...didn't play are speak to the group,
but he was there.

Ok...after a little bit of meeting people and shooting-the-sh*t I went
to bed...while Buzz and Chris hit the clubs and others stayed up
drinking and socializing.

Next morning Winslow, Kim, Bob Williams (VP of SPAH) and I did the
Harmonica Resources Panel Discussion.  A lot of good info was thrown
about there (mainly from Winslow and Kim).  We talked a little bit
about Internet and the SPAH getting connected and that sort of thing. 
It was pretty cool (the main thing that sticks out in my mind that was
discussed was the difficulty in acquiring new Windsavers).

Oh, forgot to mention, the previous day I bought a Hohner 270
Chromatic Harp from Farrell (mentioned in a previous post).  DAMN good
price....  Nice harp.

After the seminar I hung out a little bit more, talking, taking
pictures and that sort of thing (which I will put on the HarmoniGopher
once I get the roll developed).

Then I went back up to Farrell's one last time.  While I was there,
Charlie Musselwhite walked in.  Man it was cool.  He was selling some
of his CD's to Mr Farrell.  After they got done talking, I introduced
myself, shook his hand, got his autograph and took a picture.  MAN IT

I was pretty excited about that (if you couldn't tell).

Then I packed my stuff and got the hell out of dodge.  I'm still worn
out from the past two weeks (just a day or two before I went to
Memphis I had gotten back from Cincinnati from my friends
Wedding...which is a 4+ hour drive from here...just a LITTLE bit
further than it was to Memphis).

That's about it.  Not too discriptive, I know...but that's the best I
can do.

Hope this interested someone.


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