Re: pertinence of acc.

> > > Subject:        Re: Concertinas, for a start!
> > 
> *****************REST DELETED*************
> >Regarding this as a place to discuss  accordions, it should be shown by
> >the contributor that the discussion  at hand has a relationship to the
> >harmonica.
> > 
> > John 
> > 
> OK. OK. Fainties, enough, HELP!!!!! (SIGH).
(God, I didn't know what I was starting, maybe I should have stayed at
> home today).


> NOW:-
>     Do folk on the net want to see this junk or not?
> "One big (HAPPY) net family", I said at the time. Ha!

Yeah.  Let's see "this junk" as you put it.  I, for one, have 
everything to learn.

> It's what happens when you try to be helpful. 
> You know, "another public spirited citizen bites the dust" sort of thing.

> Yes, I know we are not flaming/falling out, thank God, but come, sort it
> out, let's decide (AGAIN) what we want, It's for you you know,  *sigh *
> Gordon. (Very sad and disapointed).
> The best laid plans of mice and men, and all that stuff.

John's response to it all:

My, my, my.  You have certainly responded with not a little 
defensiveness at what I thought was a clear and emotionally vacant 
statement of my recommendation. 

Yes, we are one big happy family. Yes, you are interesting.  NO, you 
should not have stayed home today.  No, I don't feel flamed.
Let's keep the lines open.  You know, it is very hard to communicate 
when we can't see the other person face to face to gage reactions to 
what we say, we are not acquainted, we don't know anything about all 
these cyberfolks.  Let's just love music and BE.


John  (Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.)

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