Re: pertinence of acc.

> > Subject:        Re: Concertinas, for a start!
*****************REST DELETED*************

>Regarding this as a place to discuss  accordions, it should be shown by
>the contributor that the discussion  at hand has a relationship to the
> John 

OK. OK. Fainties, enough, HELP!!!!! (SIGH).

 			                   Fine, when you read it you
can see/tell if it relates to you or not.

I will say again what I said at the first follow up post to the item.

(God, I didn't know what I was starting, maybe I should have stayed at
home today).
I pointed out that I *BOUNCED* the post, i.e. I press "b" on the mailer,
type the address, and off it goes on it's own.

That's all.

I did not save it, edit it, add some explinations to it and then repost
it.  It takes too much time!!!!! 

I've wasted lot's  more with silly replies now.

If anyone out there saw the answer to Bart that I posted a little while
ago, they may understand what's going on.

I repeat what I said to HARP-L at the begining.  

Because I am so busy teaching other staff to use the NET etc. I was
going to post what I deemed of interest to HARP-L  *WITHOUT* comment,
unless it really seemed to need it.

I was assuming that the (very few) crosspostings were/would be self
explanatory, evidently I was wrong! Sorry.

This was agreed the begining, and harpers were given the chance to say
their bit yea or nay.

	Do folk on the net want to see this junk or not?

It is much less work for me if not, but at the begining, people seemed
quite happy about it, and several folk from both groups now subscribe to
the other. And seem to be quite content, without falling out over stuff.

"One big (HAPPY) net family", I said at the time. Ha!

It's what happens when you try to be helpful. 
You know, "another public spirited citizen bites the dust" sort of thing.

Yes, I know we are not flaming/falling out, thank God, but come, sort it
out, let's decide (AGAIN) what we want, It's for you you know,  *sigh *

Gordon. (Very sad and disapointed).

The best laid plans of mice and men, and all that stuff.

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