Re: Concertinas, for a start!

> If this is a general history of free reed instruments, including the harmonica,
> I would be interested. If it is more specific to accordions, I am still interes-
> ted, but I don't know if the harp-l is the right place. Anyone else?

************REST DELETED*************
> Bart de Boer

Well Bart,
	   I must add a bit more to what I said evidently.

Some time ago I was asked by harp-l (Chris P.) if I would mind being the
*oficial*  (ha, ha, ha,) go between from the accordion list to the harp
list and back.

This means crossposting anything that seems to have relevance to either.

You might have  noticed that the list is hardly flooded with stuff from
the other group. Whic is what you expect, and as it should be.

However, as the offending item was (in part) at least concerned with the
history of free reed instruments, and the harp was mentioned as well,
it seemed to me to be of interest to harpl-l.

I have posted to the author, asking if he would consider writing a little
more about the harmonica for us, in with the other stuff.

If folks here don't want it fine. Just tell me. 

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