Blues Week

I will be heading down to Davis-Elkins College in West Virginia
this sunday for Blues Week. This year I am enrolled as
"Advanced Blues Harmonica", but mainly because I already
sat the through the beginners classes and there isn't an
intermediate class. 

Last year there were 43 harmonica players there and we had a
great time. The instructors were Charlie Sayles, Phil Wiggins 
and Larry Eisenberg. This year Phil can't make it and has 
been replaced with Jay Sumerour (SP?). 

If there any HARP-Lers going, please look me up when we get 

I will report to HARP-L and BLUES-L on the week's highpoints
when I get back. I will not be able to do a blow by blow (or is 
that draw by draw?) untill I get back as I will not have a computer
and modem down there - thank goodness.

              Keith Graham

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