Re: Dick Gardner - Part II

> This for those of you who know Dick Gardner.  I have been trying for
> sometime now,  to get Dick on this list.  He has a modem and I can get him
> an account here at the University of Minn.  
> Whenever I mention the list to him,  he always comes up with some kind of
> excuses..."Oh I'm too busy(and .I'm sure he is) or I guess I just don't
> understand that computer stuff..."
> With his knowledge and experience with repairs and performance,  I believe
> he would be a great addition to this list.  So I am asking for you all to
> talk to him sometime and convince him that this list IS worthwhile.  
> **Jim Dinkey I know he just talked to you and he told me you are computer
> genius so perhaps you could talk to him again**
> Give Dick a call:   Dick Gardner (612)458-1193  (I have already talked to
> him about posting his number,  and he said that would be fine "...because
> it's your dime and he likes to talk.")
> -Chris Michalek
It urns out htat for a bunch of rediculous airline fares, I will have 43 
minutes to talk with Dick Gardner at the Minneapolis Airport on the
Sunday folowing SPAH.  As we lope from the first to the second gate, 
I'll try to steer him onto some sort of Internet account.
 I happen to use Netcom($17.50 / moo no other charges) and I will see if there is 
a local number form him..

If anyone has a better solution - e.g.  supplier in the Minnapolis area, I'd be interested.

Jim Dinkey

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