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> TREMOLO - in singing tremolo is explained as a slight fluctuation in 
> pitch, such as at the end of a phrase.  OR a trembling or quavering, 
> rapid repition of a note.
> On Tue, 5 Jul 1994 AUJKW@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> >  
> > I am completely new harmonicas and music in general. Could someone
> > explain to me the differences between "diatonic", "tremolo", "octave",
> > and "chromatic" harmonicas? Are there different styles of music played
> > with each type of harmonica? I'm so confused....
> >  
> > Thanks, Jason. 
> > aujkw@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I would just like to add a little noe or two here.

The above definition of TREMOLO, is O.K. as it stands, but does not really
address the question in terms of a harmonica adequately.

A TREMOLO harmomica has *two* reads tuned slightly appart, sounding at the
same time. In practice one reed is usually tuned to concert pitch and the
other reed is tuned sharp.

The degree of detuning between any two reeds, gives what is described as 
a *wet* sound. What I mean is that the further the reeds are tuned apart,
the more *wet* the sound. The closer in tuning they are the more *dry*
is is.

This detuning gives the tremolo it's characteristic sound.  The tremolo
harp is best used for dance music, folk music and morris dance stuff.
Played slowly the tremolo can suond *awful*, out of tune almost.
his (to me) is especially true of certain Honers.

I say this and I LOVE the tremolo, (many don't!).

I don't wish to sound as if I am flaming here, but the answer to new to
harps question quoted above, although correct in it's way, was possibly
not of much use to a *BEGINER*
Definitions quoted vebatim are really of more help as a memory aid to
those with a little knowledge.

A bit of explination and verbal *packing* does not come amiss here.

I know the poster offered this with the BEST motives, but we have to 
remember how much we all take for granted, and assume everyone else knows
it all as well.

I speak as a person working in a university, and see the problems this
sort of thing causes far too often. After all, how many *beginers*
computer manuals have we all seen that start at chapter two?

No hard feelings?

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