Re: 3 draw hesitation

My guess is the number 3 draw needs more offset.  The two reeds are 
related.  If the 3 blow has little or no offset the 3 draw will be 
affected.   A good way to determine offset on a harmonica that works weel 
on all but one reed is to mimic the degree of offset on the other working 
reeds.  Note that I said degree not height.  Reeds with the same degree 
of offset but different lengths will have substantial differences in 
height from the reed plate.  A little persuasion goes a long way.  Don't 
pry the reed up from the unfixed end.  This is a good way to bend the 
reed and permanently ruin the plate.  I like to work on the under side of 
the reed with a blunt tool to rub the offset up from the fixed(riveted) 
end.  The same thing works for decreasing offset just work from the 
opposite side the reed still at the fixed end.  I am sure there are many 
other good ways to adjust the offset of reeds this is just the one that 
works for me.  I was taught this method by Lee Oskar and he seemed to 
know what he was doing.  FJM

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