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 bc> And Kevin why are you so anxious to rid yourself of the
 bc> fabulous Shaker mike?


  There's really nothing wrong with the mike.  It's the way I play harp that's
the problem.  I was injured in a diving accident 12 years ago and have very
little movement or grip in my hands.  Holding the harp is hard as I can't cup
my hands around the Shaker and the harp.  I'm using a mike stand attached to
the wheelchair and I get too much feedback with the Shaker in this combination.

 bc> I really want them to be good mikes.  He's from my home state.   
 bc> Joe Harless that is.  I've met the man and he seems nice.

  Smokey Joe is cool and has been nothing but professional and straight up with
me.  He has some pretty big names using the Shaker.  Check out his
advertisements in AHN and Kevin's Harps magazine.

 bc> But I've never seen any of his endorsers using his mikes.  No 
 bc> one I know uses them.   Give us a review if you've used 
 bc> them........Curiously,  

  I'm just a beginner so I really don't feel qualified to review mikes.  I've
only used a Shaker and now a Shure SM58 in a stand.  That's why I'm curious
about the Strnads.


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