Women harmonica players

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Recently I received the following letter from a man who is
compiling a survey of women harmonica players. I replied, giving
information on well known  players similar to what I posted here
a few months ago, and mentioned that there are women members of
the Harp List.

He did not indicate that he had an email address, so I'm posting
his meesage and address so that any women on harp-l can resond to
his request if they wish to. His message is as follows:

839 16th Avenue South
St. Cloud MN 56301

June 24, 1994

To Whom It May Concern:

I am trying to compile a survey (current and historical) of
female harmonica players. I am looking for names of exemplary
players in all musical genres.

I realize that any roster of harmonica virtuosos is
male-dominated. There must, however, be more Mildred Mulcays and
Big Mama Thorntons out there. My own current facorite is Green
Linnet recording artist Jane Gillman.

I wouls appreciate any names or information you might be able to
toss my way. My usitlmate goal is to interview a number of
current practitioners and learn their influences in an effort to
figure out why more women aren't emerging in the field.


John Hamerlinck


Winslow Yerxa
Editor & Publisher

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