Re: B.B. King And Harps

Maybe I can clear up the confusion.  I had been taking lessons from Jerry 
Portnoy before he left to tour with Eric Clapton some months ago.  At my 
last lesson, he told me he had been asked by BB King to tour with them.  
He wasn't sure if he'd have a conflict with Clapton's schedule so he 
couldn't tell me for sure if that's what he would be doing.  So although 
the BB King band does not have a regular harp player, Jerry was asked to 
come along for this tour.  I guess I'll just find out at the concert!
Thanks anyway for the replies.

---  tony B

On Tue, 5 Jul 1994, Steven D. Levine wrote:

> On Tue, 5 Jul 1994 sawyer@xxxxxxx wrote:
> > I was very surprised at the query about B.B.'s harp player.  I have
> > him play together with noted harp players who might join him on stage,
> > or vice versa, but in all the time since 1968 when I first saw him,
> > I've never known him to have a harp player in his band... 
>  I'm not a huge B.B. fan and don't have a lot of his recordings. The only 
> album of his that I've heard harp on is his "Blues Summit" album, where 
> Kim Wilson plays on a track or two. Anyone know of any others?
> >... * Author of "The Arrival of B.B. King", Doubleday (hbk), Da Capo (pbk).
>   Looks like our list has yet another published writer! Harp-L just keeps 
> on getting better!
> -Steve

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