Re: B.B. King And Harps

On Tue, 5 Jul 1994 sawyer@xxxxxxx wrote:

> I was very surprised at the query about B.B.'s harp player.  I have
> him play together with noted harp players who might join him on stage,
> or vice versa, but in all the time since 1968 when I first saw him,
> I've never known him to have a harp player in his band... 

 I'm not a huge B.B. fan and don't have a lot of his recordings. The only 
album of his that I've heard harp on is his "Blues Summit" album, where 
Kim Wilson plays on a track or two. Anyone know of any others?
>... * Author of "The Arrival of B.B. King", Doubleday (hbk), Da Capo (pbk).
  Looks like our list has yet another published writer! Harp-L just keeps 
on getting better!


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