Jack Ely - Columbus, Ohio, SYS_ELY@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, wrote early last week:

>    For those going to Memphis for their first SPAH festival. Richard Farrell 
>    will be there, as he has the past several years, selling harmonicas, 
>    tools, tapes, books, etc. It's a rare chance to meet him and deal directly 
>    with him.
In chatting with Mr. Farrell for the first time a few weeks ago, I brought
up the subject of this list on internet and he seemed interested since his
children  are both in the computer business. Can some one follow up with
him also at SPAH in the spirit of the Dick Gardner and Harmonica Resources
panel?  And does SPAH publish the minutes or 'outcome' of some of these
panels or seminars?  Who's going to write up some highlights  As you can
tell I am not yet a member.  Wish I could go....   

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