Re: Amps, PA's etc

I have one as my wife bought me one for my birthday. I have one wired for high
impedance and sometimes use it with a guitar style Samson remote and also with
my 55 Fender champ. It is built very sturdy and light and I tend to use it as
a back-up mike in that I can keep it with my harp bag and don't worry about
it. It is not my favorite - my Astatic is and my Shure - wired for low
impedance is my second favorite. I have seen Snooky Pryor use one as he likes
the volume control on it and Snooky tends to favor a cleaner sound. Although I
tend to use the volume control all the way up for more distortion. The shaker
is small and easily fits in your shirt or pants pocket if you need to do a
quick switch to playing your harp off the vocal mike or to another instrument.

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And Kevin why are you so anxious to rid yourself of the fabulous Shaker mike?
I really want them to be good mikes.  He's from my home state.
Joe Harliss that is.  I've met the man and he seems nice.  But I've never seen
any of his endorsers using his mikes.  No one I know uses them.
Give us a review if you've used them........Curiously,  FJM not barry alt.
barry.die die die.purple dinosaur

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