Re: Harp positions

I know this is not a music-theory list, but I feel that it is very important to
know something about theory in order to understand music, so I want to ask one
more theoretical question:

What exactly does the notation with the roman numerals mean? Chris Michalek wrote
a lot about I, IV and V's. Now I've read some simple books on music theory, so I
know basic intervals, modes and music notation, but I never could find this. I
have the idea that it must be very simple, but can't get the exact meaning.

Also: how do you build chords in the different modes. Both theory books I read
didn't say much on the subject of chords. Am I coorect in assuming that, if a
basic chord in 1st position in C is:
then a basic chord in 2nd position in G is:

Or am I mixing things up in a terrible way now?
Any help is appreciated.

Bart "A good theory is the basis of control" de Boer

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