RE: HarmoniGopher

LIEBERMANJ@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
>I just wanted to say that HarmoniGopher is great, especially
>now that there's a word searching mechanism! Interesting that
>it comes after the KISS Gopher and Alice Cooper Gopher. 

Well, since I'm not in charge around here I don't get everything I
want.  And since Hunter IS in charge (and the KISS & Alice Cooper
stuff are his babies), he DOES get what he wants.  But hey, it's
better than nothing!


For anyone who doesn't know yet, I added an extra search in the
Indexed search of the Mailing List archives which will let you search
ALL of the archives at once (via Bart's suggestion -- brain
is moosh right now, so I THINK it was Bart...sorry, it's summer-time).
Please note, if you use this option it may take some time to do.

For example, if you search for the word HARP, you will be returned an
entry for EVERY single message EVER posted to Harp-L (Harp is part of
the list name, hence it is in EVERY message).

So that's probably one you WON'T want to search for.  !:)

Thanks for the praise Janet.

Like always, let me know if you all have any suggestions!


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