Re: mikes and amplifiers

On Thu, 30 Jun 1994, Barry Schaede wrote:

> Spring reverb cannot be had for around $100 or less.   Just the reverb 
> pans run around $45.00.  You still need a reverb out put transformer($45) 
> a power transformer to supply the dc($65) a reverb choke($29) a couple of 
> tube sockets @$4($8) some 12ax7's to drive and recover the signal 2@$15 
> ($30) and a chassis to put it in.  By the time you include the misc. 
> hardware needed you're going to be pushing $250 without fabrication 
> costs.
	Well, since you obviously know more about the unit than I, I will 
accept these as common market prices, although a good friend of mine had 
a spring reverb unit put into his Gibson for $100 flat, from a local tube 
amp specialist, maybe it's inferior, maybe they're very good friends, I 
don't know...  I prefer analog effects _any_ day over digital, for the 
entire "feeling" I get from my equipment, call me weird, but if I plug 
into a crate amp, I feel really weird playing slide on it, whereas a nice 
old Bassman or Super Reverb just makes me feel at home...  I guess I'm a 
vintage freak too.  Oh, well, nobody's perfect. C=:)

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