Re: mikes and amplifiers

FJM wrote:
> Spring reverb cannot be had for around $100 or less.   Just the reverb 
> pans run around $45.00.  You still need a reverb out put transformer($45) 
> a power transformer to supply the dc($65) a reverb choke($29) a couple of 
> tube sockets @$4($8) some 12ax7's to drive and recover the signal 2@$15 
> ($30) and a chassis to put it in.  By the time you include the misc. 

About a year ago I tried to build a spring reverb unit myself. I've got two
of these (14"?) springs from Hammond organs, and would like to have a stereo
reverberation unit made out of these. But, after some investigation,
purchase of electronics and a couple of days work, there appeared to be
something wrong in the electronic schematics and it didn't work.

Now I would like to ask if there's anyone out there who can provide me of
the electronic schematics for a reverberation amplifier for these springs,
one that will work. pleeeease, help me out! (c:

I'm an amateur player, have never been in a band even, but play with friends
regularly... mostly unamplified, but when I do play amplified, maybe you'd
like to know what I'm using... I use a microphone from a '50s telephone,
connected to a much too sensitive microphone preamplifier, causing a
terrific distortion effect. No special-purpose equipment... but now for this
reverb (c:


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