[Harp-L] New album! A tribute to George 'Harmonica' Smith

Konstantin Kolesnichenko wheel.k@xxxxx
Fri Jan 26 09:45:51 EST 2024

Hello everyone! Today is the release date of my latest album "Good Things. A tribute to George Smith". It means so much to me! It shares my love for George's music and reflects the heavy influence he made on modern blues music. It's the most important creation in my artistic life. It was recorded in 4 different countries on 3 different continents!
I'm so grateful to the guest musicians - virtuosos of blues chromatic harmonica. They all showed their unique approach and vision of George's songs. Thank you so much for amazing music, virtuosity, inspiration and fierce playing, Dennis Gruenling, Mátyás Pribojszki and Big Harp George! And last but not least thank you to the amazing singer - Alabama Mike!

You can preview, listen or buy it here

You can also buy cd directly from me. Just drop me a message.

Hope you enjoy it!

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