[Harp-L] GOAL REACHED & Report - Harp-L Fundraiser for 2024

Slim Heilpern slim@xxxxx
Mon Jan 8 11:35:59 EST 2024

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I've closed the books on this year's fundraiser and proceeds will be forwarded to the list owner to cover their expenses.

Note that I know some people didn't see my previous post that the goal had been reached and therefore we had donations coming in after the fact. Beginning today, I'll be rejecting further donations until next year's fundraiser is announced.

This year, we received:

23 donations at $10 (including one that came in via personal check)
19 donations at $5
Grand Total: $325 (target goal was $285.41)

The excess will go towards unforeseen expenses or put towards the following year.

Thanks again to all who donated!!!

- Slim


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