[Harp-L] A New Tuning?

Derwood derwood.blues@xxxxx
Mon Jan 8 00:43:22 EST 2024

So my mind was wandering one day on the tuning of a harmonica for 2nd
position blues and I thought it would be useful to have a tuning like this:

blow: |G |C |E |G |C |E |G |C |E |G |
draw: |B |D |G |B |D |F |A |B |D |F |

It is basically a standard tuning but adding two lower notes in hole 1 and
moving everything up a hole and losing the last two notes. I never play the
last hole and it would be great to get the root note (2nd Position) an
octave lower than the 2 blow/3 draw. It is almost a lucky 13 but still a 10

Does anyone do this?

derwood.blues at xxxxx
verbis defectis musica incipit

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