[Harp-L] Considering sale of Clark Amplification Tweed Congaree Harp Amp (with extras)

Jennings, Will william-jennings@xxxxx
Tue Apr 16 04:01:13 EDT 2024

I have a mint Tweed Clark Amplification Congaree amp, based on the legendary 1959 Tweed Bassman, but with some Harp-specific tweaks.

It is wired and tubed for playing amplified harmonica and not guitar, hand built from the ground up with the highest quality materials and workmanshoip.

It come with input channels dimed for either ceramic or electromagnetic mics, and a mixture of 2 + 2 10 inch speakers for clean or crunch and in-between.

It also comes with Clark’s signature Attenuator built it to give you a 3 - 6 - 9 selection of cut to get tone at lower volume.

It also comes with a quality rolling (Anvil) road case.  

It was gigged in smoke-free venues and Festival stages a dozen or so times, then the band I was in reconfigured to the one mic acoustic format…so I played it at home (smoke free) to but in the hours.

If there is interest, I will post specific deets.

Clark only builds these once they have been ordered, and the price for them now is, um, high.

This one is pristine, broken in for tone.  I play through a vintage Shure 545 head retrofitted by one of the greats into a more easily handled body and a volume pot.  Just sings, jumps, and growls.

I also use an Audi Fireball when playing cleaner tones, or doing jazz work with a bit of chorus and delay.  

It will most definitely fill any room without needing to be mic’d…

I hesitate to part with it because I know I will never be in a position to replace it, but I’m not gigging enough to justify it and we’re downsizing.

Serious inquiries only.  Thanks. I got plenty to keep me busy in finishing my book.

All best,

Will Jennings

Iowill at xxxxx

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