[Harp-L] Changing reed plates on old Hohner 364 -edited

David Fertig drfertig@xxxxx
Sat Jan 28 15:01:44 EST 2023

 Greetings fellow harpsuckers!  it's been quite a few years since I posted, but here's my query (sorry for the earlier incomplete/incompetently unformated post!) : 
I inherited an old 364 with a sentimental history, and one (blow) reed is kaput, I want to replace the reed plate.  But it seems the reed-plate are riveted, sandwiching the comb.  I know buying a new 364 is cheaper and simpler, but this harp is an honored relic of a dear frien's late brother, which I'd like to ressurect, if feasible.  
How easy it is to change out the plates, or should I hire a pro? I work on my 10 hole diatonics but no single reed-replacements, and I don't have a drill press. 
The 364's age is unclear, the price tag on it is $11.48   so I'm thinking early or mid 70's?
Any guidance is appreciated!
-Dave Fertig 

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