[Harp-L] Subject: Re: Jason Ricci interviews best harp player you never heard of - Greg Hommert

David Wilson harpoon_man@xxxxx
Thu Jan 19 16:45:22 EST 2023

I agree; Greg Hommert is absolutely a world-class musician and harmonica player.  Greg occasionally graces us with his presence at our STL area harp player house jam gatherings, and it is mind-blowing to hear his playing in person...plus he's a humble, normal, and nice dude to go along with being a monster beast of a harp player.

Everyone should check out his album "Hallowed in the Hollows" for some really special music that's hard to assign an exact genre to... maybe I would describe it as soulful/gospel-influenced/old-timey/southern roots/Americana/touch of jazz...very satisfying to listen to.

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