[Harp-L] regarding "just checking"

owner-harp-l@xxxxx owner-harp-l@xxxxx
Mon Jan 9 17:52:17 EST 2023

Some of you but probably not all of you got a message from 3n037 at
comcast dot net  The reason I say not all is I don't think it was sent to
harp-l and if it was I believe it would have been stuck for multiple
reasons in a queue which would have required intervention to forward it to
the list.  I have engaged in no intervention.

I got one at the owner-harp-l mailbox.  I'm not certain I got one at my
personal subscribed address.  I'll have to check my spam folder which is
in the cloud to know if I did.  The one I got here is only addressed to
me.  I don't think it was sent via the harp-l list.  What I think happened
is the e-mail address was compromised and the address book was used to
send the messages from the comcast account.  What's interesting is the
reply to address was changed to i3n037 at gmail dot com.  It is in fact a
phishing attempt.  It is not from the person it purports to be from.  If
this was my account I would try and change my password but if I were the
person who broke in I would have already done that.  harp-l-listowner

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