[Harp-L] Ella Jenkins

Mick Zaklan mzaklan@xxxxx
Sun Aug 6 21:34:04 EDT 2023

   Just a quick acknowledgment of a player I don't think has ever been
mentioned here or in SPAH circles. Ms. Jenkins turns 99 years old today and
has been playing the harmonica since she was a little girl. She is a
renowned performer of children's music since the 1950's, has released 39
albums on the Folkways label, and has received a Grammy Lifetime
Achievement Award. She has performed on all 7 continents with her
harmonica, guitar, and percussion instruments.
   I figure somebody playing our instrument that long for so many people
should get a shout out.  Truth be told; I'm 74 and I remember Ms. Jenkins
playing at my school when I was a pre-teen.

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