[Harp-L] Little Walter Deep Fake...

Chad Nordstrom chad.nordstrom@xxxxx
Tue Nov 29 16:49:25 EST 2022

Anyone can if they want (below is a popular one). The issue you will run into is copyright issues. People own the rights to that stuff you want to use. IP theft has a real impact on artists. 

Look at it this way…. You would be pretty upset if I came over to your house and took your snowblower to use at my house or if everyone did without asking. 


> On Nov 29, 2022, at 1:50 PM, <franze52 at xxxxx> <franze52 at xxxxx> wrote:
> Can anyone make a Little Walter Deep Fake...and put his face on Kim, Dennis, Rick, etc. doing a solo of his - lets do this - it's time to bring Little Walter back to life!

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