[Harp-L] Rivet replacement

Gary Lehmann gnarlyheman@xxxxx
Mon Nov 14 23:09:28 EST 2022

Michelle LaFree of Silverwing made a bitchin’ reed replacement tool, don’t think she’s still making them tho. 

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> On Nov 14, 2022, at 4:41 PM, Richard Trafford-Owen <richard at xxxxx> wrote:
> What's the latest on rivet replacement?
> I like to do things myself so am happy to go that route. What are the best
> tools out there these days?
> Richard Sleigh's tool looked the best, but it does not look available any
> more. By the way, in his newsletter he told of a pretty nasty accident he
> had recently, so let's wish him well.
> I don't know Andrew Zajac, but he has a professional-looking set of tools
> <https://harp.andrewzajac.ca/tools/ReedReplace>. This seems better than
> trying to assemble my own kit from hardware store purchases.
> There's the Romel
> <https://www.bluesharmonica.com/romel_harmonica_reed_rivet_tool>, but I
> worry about the durability.
> Sydel has a plier-like tool.
> Are there others? What are people's favourites?
> Or should I send my harps out to an expert?
> I have lots of different harps, but am primarily interested in repairing
> Crossovers, maybe S20s.
> Thanks all!
> Richard

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