[Harp-L] Marvin Braxton etc

bad_hat@xxxxx bad_hat@xxxxx
Sun May 15 20:04:38 EDT 2022

Listening to Laura Cantrell's Dark Horse Radio show on Sirius XM today 
she played Sweet Summer Music by Attitudes.  Very Lee Oskar-esque 
harmonica part.  It was played by Marvin Braxton who I gather is a long 
time Cleveland musician.

Awhile back again on Laura Cantrell's show I heard a Gerry Rafferty song 
with harmonica, to my ear very Lee Oaskar-ish, wrong, it was Paul Jones 
of Manfred Mann fame.

Trawling the internet to figure this out Norton Buffalo's name showed 
up.  Who knew his name was actually Phillip Jackson?  Not me.

And finally Thinking of Lee I looked at his harmonica company website. 
No mention of Leslie?

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